holy giveaways & challenges!

I usually wait until after my Monday run to post, but am so excited about all these new challenges and giveaways from you fellow bloggers- you guys are awesome!

1. First I came across Tina’s Yoga Challenge.  She’s an awesome blogger (I’m pretty sure EVERYONE already knows this!) and is doing her second 31-day Yoga Challenge.  Lord knows I need to stretch more, so decided I am in!  I am not sure if I’ll be able to stick to it, especially daily, but I sure am going to try!!! Do you think you could stick with it for a whole month?  Probably, I know bloggies love their yoga :)  Oh- she also has a discount for Aurorae Yoga Mats!  OR if you don’t want to buy one…

2. You can try to WIN one, and have your choice of color, thanks to Anne!  This is definitely what I am trying to do ;)  I really like the yellow mat- it just reminds me of sunshine and relaxation, perfect combo with the feeling yoga gives me :)

3. The Fabulous, and I must say HYSTERICAL, Rachel over @ SheddingIt& GettingIt is having yet ANOTHER sweet giveaway.  Well it is more of a challenge, with lots of cash & prizes!!!  Okay, so maybe not cash, but you get the idea!  Go check it out at its own page Outside The Box Challenge.  This one sounds just so fun!  I can’t wait to get started and even know what I am doing for this weeks challenge (that’s right- this WEEK- this sucker goes on-and-on for more chances to win lots of cool, fun stuff).

WOW- I am pumped and ready to go.  Love getting excited before a run- it always makes for a great workout.  Guess I should do my speed workout now, huh?! :)

Much more to come….


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