Let me start by saying that Stef over at moretolifethanlettuce just COMPLETELY made my day!!!  From the day I read my first blog I have continued finding other amazing blogs thanks mostly in part to everyones BLOGROLLS.  I never really thought about it coming back at me, but when doing my usual morning visit to Stefs page I noticed… I made her BLOGROLL!!!!  This brought the biggest smile to my face!  I mean there isn’t an e-mail notice or anything that says, “hey you’re on a blogroll”, or, “You were added to someones Google reader”.  It just really made me feel special, thanks Stef :)  Glad to know that someone likes my blog enough to want others to as well :)

That’s it for now, just wanted to share my excitement with you guys.  I gotta get my butt moving- it’s supposed to be mid-50′s today and nothing but sun.  What a great day for a long run, just me & the road…

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2 Responses to BLOGROLL LOVIN’

  1. Isn’t it such a great feeling to get added to someone’s blogroll?? Love it!

  2. aw you are so cute!! DUH you made my blogroll, you blog is awesome!! i didn’t even realize you were new to blogging, bc yours seems to *together* you know? love it! i bet you’re on other people’s but oyu just haven’t noticed lol. have a great run! i could really use a long relaxing run today too :)

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