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Family Workout Day!

I’ve tried to convince the hubs to partake in a “Family Workout Day” for a while now.  He finally caved ;)  It might have been the full body, 40 minute, rub-down I gave him last night (minds outta the gutter … Continue reading

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post-run update.

Well I did it, I got out there and ran. 7 miles & an hour (on the dot) later, DONE. Despite the heat, I felt good.  I was a little sore from yesterday, having done an hour of Yoga for … Continue reading

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Get runnin!

If there has been a theme to my running posts lately it has started with me whining about the heat.  Apologies.  I guess I should think about how blessed I am that I CAN get out and run.  There are … Continue reading

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Playlist Wednesday ~80′s style

Nothing wrong with heading back to the 80′s, right?! Calm down Doc Brown, i’m just talking music. It can always be fun to bust out some old school tunes, especially when you’re feeling like you’ve been hearing the same stuff … Continue reading

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If you haven’t heard about THE GREAT FUNDRAISING ACT (TGFA) you might be living under a rock.  COME OUT AND PLAY! Seriously… go check it out.  Basically, Janetha has a friend who has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma so it’s … Continue reading

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Weekend in Review

How was your weekend?  Here was mine… FRIDAY I was a little worried about how the weekend would pan-out when I looked at the clock at 9:35pm.  Riley had already been asleep for about an hour, Ryan had just kissed … Continue reading

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newest obsession

I don’t know what it is, but it seems like once you get married, like minutes after, people start questioning when you’re going to start popping out kiddos.  And once you do, the question then becomes, “When is the next … Continue reading

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Playlist Wednesday

Great spinning class tonight!  I had a packed house and they worked their tails off- love that! After a brief warm-up in a seated flat, I mixed in controlled jumps before a steady climb.  I followed that up with mid-weight … Continue reading

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Pilates Reformer Class

Here it is, the review I promised! For those that don’t know, my amazing sister got me one of the best birthday (June 11) presents ever- a gift certificate to a local Pilates studio!  I have done mat Pilates for … Continue reading

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Do You Rain-Run?

A have a confession to make.  While I love running, and have braved the snow, sun & wind many times, I have NEVER run in the rain!  Purposefully, that is.  I have been caught in storms while already out running … Continue reading

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