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Candied Pumpkin Seeds

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We started celebrating last night when we carved our first family pumpkin. When I say first I don’t mean for the season, I mean ever.  Ryan & I started dating over 8 years ago and were never together on … Continue reading

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How To Spot A Runner: 3

How To Spot a Runner: 3 Here I am, re-lacing my shoes for the 15th time before yesterdays 12 miler. Most runners do this, right?  Tell me I am not the only ‘my shoes must fit perfectly before I go’, … Continue reading

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Belgian Bargain

Have I ever told you guys that I am a major bargain shopper? You probably figured with all the Monica Gellar comparisons being thrown around RKR. Well I went all ‘Extreme Couponing’ recently. You see, every time we are back … Continue reading

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WORKOUTS Monday: 4 mile run. Ry came home for lunch so I could get it in. I also had a softball game. We lost… badly. Enough said. Tuesday: I got asked to sub a pm spinning class, so gladly accepted. … Continue reading

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I’ve felt a bit down lately.  Mainly because I miss my close girlfriends (and family too).  You see, after college I moved  around on my own.  First to Pittsburgh for grad school, then Chicago for my first big girl job, then … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap-Up: Babies, Showers & Running

It’s Sunday night?  Seriously? I feel like it should be Saturday, which makes sense because Saturday was so busy that it went by in a blur. It started with ‘Mommy & Me’ time at the library. These two were insta-buddies. … Continue reading

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Amazing Black Bean Soup

I’ve got to admit that, as a Mom, short and easy recipes are my favorite. I had bookmarked this recipe for ‘Amazing Black Bean Soup‘ quite a while back and decided that today was the day to give it ago. … Continue reading

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Perceived Pace

So, remember when my Nike+ died? Remember my discussion about wanting to learn my paces without using a device? Remember how I am STILL shopping (and bugging everyone for advice) for a Garmin-type watch? Well I have worked on it… … Continue reading

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YogaSPIN Wednesday

My tweet around 5:45pm: I got it!  Isn’t that always the case?  When has anyone not felt better once they started a workout?  Or finished one and regretted doing it?  Simply doesn’t happen. Class tonight was great, as usual.  I … Continue reading

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Kids say the darndest things.

Sorry for the super-sad last post, but I just felt the need to share.  It felt good to talk about Adalin and get some of my emotions out. To make up for it, here is a good laugh. The family … Continue reading

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