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sweating in the closet

Well, I ended up getting more miles in on Sunday, 6 to be exact. I didn’t get a chance to run on Monday, as Ryan was busy at work and I subbed a yoga class at night for a fellow … Continue reading

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A Weekly Roundup

What are you lookin at? You know better than to make eye contact before i’ve had my morning milk. Geez, diva.  Drink up and relax.  Maybe she just needs a Snickers. Anyway, i’ve been working my tail off this week, … Continue reading

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Treadmills. Where do you stand?

I’ve never had a big issue with the treadmill.  I guess when you’re from a state that is usually covered in snow for about 1/4 of the year, you’ll have that.  I do prefer to run outdoors, but am much … Continue reading

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Instructing more than just spinning

 Hey y’all! I haven’t posted about my spinning classes in a while, but assure you that I am still teaching and enjoying the cross-training break in my mid-week running schedule. Tonight’s class was hard core.  We really got after it … Continue reading

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Waffles, they’re multi-functional.

First off, please excuse the pictures taken with my camera phone.  Yes, I realize the quality is ‘blah’, but I just had to share. Riley and I were both in playful moods this morning, so I decided to make breakfast … Continue reading

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Getting sweaty with my husband

I am beyond pumped. Obviously I share my love of fitness regularly with you guys, but this isn’t about me… it’s about the hubs. (He is going to kill me for posting this pic in which he thinks he is … Continue reading

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Get this yoga deal!

I have a great deal to share with you guys. There is a site called Plum District, which is another Groupon-like site.  There seems to be a ton of these type of sites nowadays, but not all of them have … Continue reading

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runner awareness

I am normally pretty aware of my surroundings while running.  I like to run certain routes repetitively, that way I know where I am (in terms of miles ran and distance from home) and can compete with my times. Today … Continue reading

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Petal Jayne

Hey, friends!  One thing I love about blogging, especially as a Mommy, is that I get great ideas from all of you.  Well, today I have something for you! My friend, Brooke, started her own shop recently named, Petal Jayne. (source) … Continue reading

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Race Finding

Are you ready for racing season?  I am, and i’ve registered for a few races to prove it! My step-sister, who lives in Chicago, had talked about heading south for a race.  We decide to run a half together, then … Continue reading

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