11 questions post, completed.

So apparently I was a little excited about the 11 Questions post yesterday.  I sort of jumped the gun and didn’t even answer the questions I was given!

I guess I thought you’d be content with just reading my ’11 Things About Me’.  No?

The 11 questions I was supposed to answer were:

  • What are the 2 most recent books you read and what did you like about them?
  • What are the 3 best recipes you tagged from around the web recently – either ones you’ve tried or are still on your list to try?
  • What are your 3 best/favorite posts & why?
  • What are your 3 favorite fitness moves or exercises?


  • I read My Daughters Keeper not too long ago.  As someone with a Downs Syndrome brother I really felt connected to the story.  I love having that connection with a book!  A second book was Spirit Junkie.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the same response with this one.  Something I liked… hmm… I guess just the overall fact that it was about someone making positive changes in their life.  I didn’t really like the book overall.
  • I am bad with this one.  I tag a lot of recipes I think look amazing, then never get around to trying them. Here are a few: Jessica’sPizza Swirl Bread, Jen’sPeanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars, and Tilly’s Tangy Summer Chicken Kabobs.  The last one is a marinade that I actually have tried and really liked a lot.
  • My 3 favorite posts are: My Pregnancy Story andRiley’s Birth Story, for obvious reasons.  Then my let’s get personal, post about the 2012 resolution to work on my marriage.  I like this post because I enjoy sharing personal parts of my life and am excited for Ryan & I to reconnect and focus on US, which has been wonderful so far!
  • My 3 favorite fitness move or exercises are: 1- abdominal exercises of any sort.  I love the extra tight feeling after focusing on abs; 2- hip opening yoga moves. Running & Spinning cause me to be very tight, so while I am not good at them, hip openers feel sooooo good! 3- Intervals!  I love to push my limits over and over again!

I hope you guys enjoyed hearing a little more about me.  Anything you particularly connected with?  I’ll tell you what, naming my 3 favorite posts wasn’t easy at all!  You know what else wasn’t easy?  Avoiding taking the easy route and listing my 3 fav exercises as Running, running and more running ;)

*Injury update: the toe still hurts but I am going to try to run later today*

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One Response to 11 questions post, completed.

  1. Yay – I read the first half from my phone yesterday in the airport and figured you just missed the questions – but you answered them before I could even remind you. Loved learning a little more about you – I didn’t realize you have a brother with Downs, I can imagine reading a book like that with a real connection would be powerful.

    I love your pregnancy & birth stories – I hadn’t read those before. It’s so cool to see how you progressed and how everything turned out, even when you didn’t think you could have kids! I loved your 2012 goal post already. :)

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