This is not a training plan, okay?

I know I had promised you guys a training schedule for the next month or so of activities, but with this foot injury i’m battling I just can’t commit to a set schedule.  I do have somewhat of a plan in mind, but it very well may not pan out.  I feel like I have some underlying worry that if I announce a set schedule my foot pain will get worse and I won’t be able to run my March half marathons at all.  I mean come on, I don’t want to jinx myself.  Unreasonable?  Yes, a little.  But, let’s not take any chances.

I am going to continue increasing mileage slightly each week but will be extra cautious about resting, as to not worsen the foot pain.  An extra day off here and there isn’t all that bad… well, maybe for my spirit and the old runners ego.

So, while it is NOT a plan, here is what the next month MIGHT look like.

  • Mid-week i’ll look to get in about 15 miles.
  • There will also be mid-week cross-training in the form of lifting, instructing spinning, and yoga.
  • Then on weekends I will look to get in another 15-20 miles, including my long run.

While those are what i’ll look to do, I won’t be shy to take the mid-week mileage down to rest my foot.  My long runs for the next few weeks will be:

  • 2/25: 12-13 miles
  • 3/3: 10-11 miles
  • 3/10: Famously Hot Columbia Half Marathon
  • 3/17: 10-11 miles
  • 3/25: NC Half Marathon

Hopefully I can figure out what is going on with my foot and find some relief.  I am going to swing by my local running store this weekend to make sure my gait hasn’t changed.  Perhaps I just need a new shoe?  Or, perhaps I am in denial that I probably need to have the same surgery on this foot that i’ve had on my left, twice. Gah.  Let’s pretend I never said wrote that.

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3 Responses to This is not a training plan, okay?

  1. I’m so sorry your foot is still hurting, I usually see my sports chiro for stuff like that. Do you have a doc you trust (for less than surgery?). I hope it resolves itself and you can run normally!

    • Unfortunately I don’t. I haven’t seen anyone other than an OBGYN since i’ve lived in NC (gasp- I know). It actually didn’t bother me one bit on my 5 miler this afternoon, so who knows.
      One of the fellow trainers at my gym is also a chiro, so am hoping to run into him soon and talk about stopping in to have him analyze it.

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