Date Night.

Couples should go out on dates regularly, especially when they have children.  Don’t wait over a year, like we did, perhaps try once a month.  Lesson learned.

I also recommend not waiting too long before you have your next Blue Moon.  T’was delicious!

When it comes time to be seated, weigh your options ahead of time.  Yes, sitting at the bar on ‘fish row’ provides a good view of the chefs at work, but you risk getting reeled in by a ‘Chatty Cathy’.  Remember who date night is about (the one you’re with) not the one trying to pick you up. ;)

Do be open to trying new things, especially when you’re told they were such a hit on ‘special’ that they were added to the regular menu.

Do make it to your movie just in the nick of time.

“2 for The Grey @ 7:05pm please.” Bought at 7:04:40 pm.

Upon returning, pay babysitter well.  Not only was it her idea to come over so you could get out, she was the first person other than you to put your child to sleep. Tears weren’t shed at all.  Okay, maybe a couple, and not by baby.  Another major Mommy milestone in the books.

*Apologies for the brutal camera phone pics.  Better than nothing!*

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One Response to Date Night.

  1. teamhuffman says:

    I love it! So very very true!!! And it only becomes all the more important as the children get older (an it also becomes all the more difficult too with commitments for sports and dance and such). Establishing a routine to keep that spark alive now is perfect!

    Ps~ I loved the caption on getting there seconds before the show began! Lol But you’ve always worked well under the “buzzer” so I’m sure you were still seated before it began! ;-)

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