Garmin splits

So, after all that whining you guys had to listen to this past fall, all that ‘I want a Garmin this’ and ‘I want a Garmin that’, I got one, then haven’t said much.  Oops.  There are still a lot of features I haven’t fully explored, but I can tell you what I do like.  The breakdown of stats, which is incredible.  I specifically like looking back at my splits, which can be seen below from a couple of my recent runs, Saturdays 11-miler and todays 5-er.

I love referring to the splits, which verify when I wasn’t feeling my best (or when I felt great).  From looking back I can see that mile 6 is where my foot/toe issue started flaring up, causing me to slow down a little.  I remember it starting to act up mid-5.  Another cool Garmin feature is seeing all the elevation stats.  This 11-miler had an elevation gain of 450 feet, nothing crazy, I don’t think.

Ryan came home for lunch today, so I was able to get out for a midday 5 mile run.  The elevation gain of this run was 275 feet, most of which was at the beginning, hence the difference between the 1st and last mile times (an out & back route).

While I was happy with today’s run, I wasn’t as happy with the 11-miler.  I felt slow and remember struggling to get through it (I don’t think I had mentioned it on the blog or twitter, but I wanted to do 12 miles).

I plan on playing with some of the other features soon, like importing a pre-set workout plan.

  • What are your favorite features of your tracking device?
  • What cool feature do you think I should check out asap?
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