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It was about a month ago that I was playing on my Macbook and happened to check Twitter.  I noticed the hashtag, #womensrunning.  WHAT?!  Was there now a #womensrunning chat going on?  YUP!  I had unfortunately noticed this as it was ending, but put it on my calendar so I wouldn’t forget to join the next one.

When the chat popped up on my calendar this past week I got really excited.  It was on Thursday evening, when Ryan isn’t home and after Riley’s bedtime, so I knew I would be in the clear to nerd it up and fully engage in the convo.

I met some awesome ladies and really enjoyed talking about our sport, answering some questions, and responding to others incredible accomplishments.  Here are the questions and my answers.  Enjoy!

Q1: Describe your running story in three words.

Commitment, Love, Dedication.

I quickly realized that my commitment, love for and dedication to running is much like marriage.  Not much thought needs to go into it, because it is my life, it is apart of me, and it isn’t going anywhere.  “I love you, running.  I will be here, by your side, til death (or serious injury) do us part.  I love you, forever.” ;)

Q2: What has running inspired you to accomplish in your life away from running?

Running has really taught me a lot, but one of the most important lessons i’ve learned is that I can get through anything.  A painful marathon, the horrible heartache of losing a loved one, graduate school, all the things that can make us want to give up.  I know that if I just keep going I will get to the point where pain will cease and I will feel good again.  Just. Keep. Going. #perseverance

Q3: Name some topics that have inspired you to write a good running story on your blog/website.

Races are an obvious response, but I like to get personal on my blog.  I think this is what helps makes my blog special, I don’t hold back.  Whether I share the heavy topics that might come to mind during a run, or personal things that aren’t running related, such as my New Years Resolution to work on improving my marriage.  Running inspires me to be open and share with my friends.  You never know who might benefit from the conversation.  Maybe I can help inspire someone else to get out there, or keep going.  I’d love to think I can.

Q4: What running books and magazines inspire you to run faster?

While I love running books and magazines, I think the one that inspires me to go faster and train more seriously is Running Times.  I subscribe to Runner’s World, but have yet to pull the trigger on a Running Times subscription.  I always seem to get a free 3 month trial thanks to Active.com and race sign-ups! Ha!  The mag just seems to take things beyond beginner level and shares some great information that is a little more advanced.

Q5: Name one runner (or more if you have to) that inspires you and why they inspire you.

My instinct with this response went right to Kara Gaucher.  She is such a strong, hard-working, determined runner.  Not only that, she is a fellow Mommy, having had her son about 2 months before I had Riley.

Runner’s World had a special pregnancy running issue last summer and I loved getting to feel so connected, in a way, to her and other running prego’s.  I was also excited to follow her return to running postpartum.  Did anyone catch her interview upon placing 3rd at the Olympic Trials in Houston?  She was very emotional and mentioned how difficult the past year had been.  I can only imagine- marathon training (and to qualify for the Olympics mind you), being a new Mom, wife, etc.  I had so much respect for her already, and it only grew upon seeing her emotional side.  She is such an inspiration.

There are plenty of other runners that inspire me, all of them really.  Some really great responses were given in the chat including ultra-runners, husbands, daughters and women that broke barriers in our sport.

Q6: What do you want the last sentence of your own running story to say?

While that was my response during the chat, ultimately I just want my running story to be never-ending.  I want to run with my children, my future grandchildren, I just want to keep going.  I am sure heaven will have lots of open roads. =)

*Please join us for the next #womensrunning chat.  It will be sometimes in March, I am guessing around the 15th.*

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  1. Oh I would love to join the next one – sounds like a chat right up my alley. Let me know if you hear the next date announced and I’ll mark my calendar! :)

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