Ready for the Weekend

It feels like Friday.  Maybe it was just the gorgeous weather we had in the greater Charlotte area today that gave it that relaxed feeling, making me ready for the weekend.

It started with a 6 mile run this morning.  I tried to keep my pace on the easy side, around 8:10/per mile, and it helped that I was listening to a book on tape.  I was also trying something new today that i’ll talk about in a future post.  Nothing bad, but a review is coming!

Once Riley woke up from her nap, we walked up to the park to soak up the sunshine.

Lots of time was spend crossing the bridge.

Seriously.  Lots.  I have about 20 pictures of her going back and forth.

We also played on the slides with our buddy, Gabriel.

His Mom, Sarah, and I have become good friends, and enjoy getting the kids together.  They’re only 2 weeks apart!

There was also some time spent with… the tickle monster!!!

It was so nice being outside without the need for sleeves.  Let’s hope the weekend weather will be the same.  Oh wait, there is still Friday to get through…

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2 Responses to Ready for the Weekend

  1. I am not ready for this weather yet – it’s February!! Where is the cold weather and a little snow? ;(

    • I know what you mean, I do wish we had gotten hit with at least one round of snow that stuck. Overall though, I like the mild temps and could live the rest of my life in the mid-70′s. Well, except on race days, duh ;)

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