Publix Georgia Half Marathon Recap

… sort of.

As you guys know, a flu virus wreaked havoc among my home this weekend, resulting in me not getting to run the Publix Georgia Half Marathon as planned.

I feel bad for talking it up, so still wanted to provide you guys with a recap.  Obviously I do not have a first-hand story to share, but here are a few written by blog friends I was supposed to met up with.  ENJOY!

Heather from Better With Veggies

Lindsay from Lindsay’s List

Lee from In My Tummy

Tina from Best Body Fitness

I hope you enjoy their recaps as much as I did.  I’m sad I didn’t get to meet these awesome women and even more so that I won’t be joining them at BLEND Retreat.

My final thoughts: How cute was Heather’s tutu?  How awesome is Lindsay (for many reasons), who offered to pick up and mail my packet to me? Tina made it through the race after being sick last week (hope I can do the same this weekend)!  Lee and Heather are both streakers.  Um, huh?  Don’t go thinkin’ dirty- they’ve both run the race every year of its existence- awesome!  And finally, come on… a ChoMobile- WHAT?!  Everyone loves Chobani, right?

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6 Responses to Publix Georgia Half Marathon Recap

  1. Sad that you couldn’t make it too!! Sell a kidney and flippin’ come to BLEND! I’m serious when I say that you could easily find a free couch to stay on! COME!

  2. Tina says:

    Hate that I didn’t get to meet you! Hopefully one day. :)

  3. betterwithveg says:

    So sad you missed the race, but wifely duties are very important (wow – that came out a little scandalous, didn’t it?! ;)). If you find a race that doesn’t cost $85 anywhere between the two of us, let me know! I can pretend to run as fast as you and meet you at the end after you beat me. :)

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