Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

31 WEEKS- yes, yes, yes!  With each passing week I feel more relief and continue to pray that baby will stay put.  I am still on bed rest and it must be working, as I haven’t had any new bleeding or regular-patterned contractions, phew!  As i’ve said before, my first goal is for us to make it to mid-32 weeks, when I can deliver at my local hospital and will most likely not need a NICU.  Almost there!

To the left…

to the right…

Per usual, I rolled out of bed just in time to have Ryan snap these pics before he left for work.  Hey, at least I pulled the bed-head back into a pony!


I had another case of heartburn and/or acid reflux the other night (i’m not really sure how to tell the difference, as some symptoms seem interchangeable) and it was brutal.  I have no idea how people deal with that on a regular basis- blah (yes, I can be a major wuss at times)!  The little incident was after having pizza for dinner, which I think may be the culprit.  I remember having the same meal prior to my last episode.  Guess that means no more pizza for a while.  I’d rather avoid it than feel those chest pains again.

Another pain i’m experiencing is soreness in my hips.  It is recommended that pregnant women sleep on their sides, the left in particular, as sleeping on your back can restrict blood flow to baby.  With me being on bed rest I am spending most of my time lying on my hips.  I do move around a bit, frequently switching sides and sitting up against pillows, but lying down so much is certainly taking its toll.  Luckily I won a bet versus the husband last night, which resulted in him having to give me a nice long massage.


I haven’t really had any food cravings since ‘Candy-Fest 2012′ last week.  I’ve been drinking green monster smoothies (steamed spinach, half a banana, blueberries, a dash of cinnamon, milk, a splash of water, vanilla yogurt, ice) a lot lately, which could be a part of the reason (when I regularly drink these smoothies I don’t seem to have sugar cravings).

A craving I have had is to GET OUT!  I would kill for just an hour to go run errands and maybe roam around Target.  I’ve honestly considered doing this and driving around one of those motorized carts!  My luck though, I would get to the back of the store and the battery on the cart would die, then I would have to call Ryan to come get me.  Did you just picture him putting me in the grocery part of the cart as we do with our munchkins?  Hopefully he’ll use our cart-cover, as Riley’s is really soft.  I’m rambling… i’ll stop now.

Weight Gain

Up a total of about 18 pounds.  I am right on track with how I gained when pregnant with Riley (I went the full 40 weeks and gained 25 lbs on the nose).  I expect I will gain 25-30, but obviously my total weight gain will depend on when our baby boy decides to make his appearance.  Will he make it to 2013?  It’s doubtful, but certainly a possibility.


I can tell that our baby boy has gotten bigger and has less room to move about.  In fact, at my follow-up visit last week, my Dr agreed that baby will most likely stay in his current position, head down and on my right side.  While he has less room, he is still managing to kick, poke and squirm.  I love it!


Still no exercise allowed.  I’ll just stop discussing this topic until I am able to do something.  I will say this, I understand how people can go from leading a sedentary life to thinking about running a marathon.  Sitting still has given me the itch to conquer 26.2 again.  Help, I am losing my mind! HA!

Other Updates

Despite being on bed rest, the past week and a half weren’t too bad, as I had 2 out-of-town visitors!  I’ll do a post soon, just need to compile some pics to share.

In other news- it’s almost Riley’s birthday!!!  I can’t believe my sweet girl is almost TWO YEARS OLD!  I had planned on throwing her a fun little party, but with me being on bed rest this seems more and more impossible each day.  We will certainly celebrate, but it won’t be the party with friends that I had planned.  At least she is only 2, as I am sure there are many, much bigger, parties to come that she’ll actually remember.

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17 Responses to Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

  1. Glad you’re hanging in there with a cheerful attitude! It’s got to be tough some days :)
    Also, why do you steam your spinach before putting it in the smoothie? Is there something I need to know about?

    • Hey Brittany- good question! I don’t always steam my spinach, but have been lately (it is usually a game time decision). When I do I just throw a big handful in a microwavable steam bag prior to adding it to my smoothie- an easy clean up!

      My reasoning is that, by cooking spinach, you bring out even more of it’s health benefits (antioxidants, fiber, and many nutrients). Spinach is great raw too, and still has a multitude of benefits, I just like to add a different element to things from time to time. I am sure there is a variety of research on this, but why not try it occasionally, right? Plus, the smoothie will still be cold if you’re using other cold/frozen items: fruits, milk, ice, etc.

      Also, I steamed my spinach a lot while pregnant with Riley and she came out perfect… okay, that may be a biased statement! ;) With the possibility of our baby boy coming early I just want to be sure I am doing everything possible to help him grown and develop.

      Thanks for commenting! So excited to read that little H is walking now- ahhh!

  2. Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    You’re so close!! You are doing an awesome job on the bed rest, I think that counts as exercise because it must be hard for you. Praying for you!

  3. Lindsay says:

    So glad that things are going well for you! Only a few more weeks!!

  4. I am so happy that the little man is staying put, but I am sorry you are on bed rest. At least it is helping and at least you get to stay home. I hope that he can stay put for a couple of more weeks….. :-)

  5. Brittney says:

    Glad to hear things are better since your scare, but I know it’s got to suck to be on bedrest. I can tell you’re antsy! Hang in there girl!

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