Kona Kase Review

Oh man you guys.  I know I have been rather sporadic with my blogging lately, but this post simply couldn’t wait.  Have you heard of something called a Kona Kase?  No?  Well you need to keep reading, check it out and sign up for it A.S.A.P.

A Kona Kase is a way to fuel your active lifestyle with a monthly box of awesome nutritional products.  It’s simple.  You sign-up (keep reading for a 50% off code- Yes, FIFTY PERCENT), receive your Kase, then live your life… fueled by the products you receive.

As a FitFluential Ambassador I was offered the opportunity to sample a box for free.  I got my box last week and quickly tweeted a pic from my door step.


I mean, who doesn’t love getting mail?  Side note: Riley absolutely FREAKS out when the UPS/FedEx guys pull up.  Her birthday and Christmas were way too close together, so ever since, every package delivered she thinks is a present for her.  So precious.

Anyway, as I opened my first Kase I was greeted by one of my favorite quotes:


Under the card were some awesome goodies. See…


In detail:



I love that Kona Kase provides you with details on each item, including where the company is from and sometimes added discount codes as well!

Want to see some past months Kases?  Go here.

We recently realized that Emery seems to have gotten past most of his food sensitivities, thank God, cause there were certainly lots of nut products and chocolate included in the March box.  I am still taking it easy on the dairy, but peanut butter and chocolate both seem okay now- trust me, I tested them out, then double and triple checked.  Hey, I have some making up to do in the chocolate consumption category!

One thing I found really cool was that the company soon plans to have an available feature on their site where you can order more, regular size versions of the products found in your Kase.  So, if you like something, no need to go on a wild goose chase through your local shops trying to find them.  Simply go to the Kona Kase site and order.

Speaking of ordering, the Kases run $15 per month.  When you sign up you agree to be billed monthly, but can cancel anytime sans penalty.  You can also sign right back up the next month if you want, and the sign up is super simple (think enter an email address and password and you’re in).

Need some added incentive?  Sign-up through the following link and use code ‘Rogowski‘ to get 50% off your first Kase!  That is a box of premium endurance samples for just $7.50!  Plus, it gets delivered at no extra cost right to your door step.  For this busy Mom, it doesn’t get better.  I am a snacker too, so having a box on the counter that I can go to for a quick, healthy snack is much better than dealing with the temptation of candy or other sugar-packed alternatives.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go sign-up!  While the March box was provided to me free of charge, i’ve already signed up to be a regular monthly customer.  Join me!

Please do let me know if you sign-up and what you think of your first Kase.

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2 Responses to Kona Kase Review

  1. That looks great, better than the Kona Kase I got back in October!


  2. Looks like you got some fantastic stuff! Super cute about Riley too. :-)

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