Oh, hey there.

I just happened to stumble across this site and realized, “Oh yea, I have a blog!”  Or not.  One thing I pride myself on is my honesty, so let’s do this.  I’ll start with some facts.

1. Life has been busy, not just busy, but hard, and for many reasons.

2. We wanted to find a bigger home by this time last year… a year too late is better than never, right?

3. Parenting can be tough, especially getting through the trials of the first 6 months of a new life.

What… are those too vague?  Let’s start over…

1. If you’re not familiar with my day to day, I work from home (I teach collegiate classes online- in Sports Management and Sport Health and Sciences degree fields) and am also a Spinning instructor (only subbing classes right now).  I also have both kids at home with me. Thank God i’m a fantastic multi-tasker.

2. We’re FINALLY moving!!!  We FINALLY (sorry for all the caps- but they’re necessary) found a new home that suits our family and will be moving in less than 2 weeks!  We’re staying in the same city we’re currently in, so luckily don’t have to worry about a distant move.

3. Emery has (thankfully) bene much healthier these last few months.  Despite this, I still feel he is slightly behind in terms of physical development.  I know, I know, all kids progress at their own pace.  I am not (too) worried, just anxious for him to reach typical milestones for his respective age.  He is very happy and smiley, so I try to be content with just that.

4. Here’s the big one, one that has probably been the largest factor in my absence.  I’ve struggled with some postpartum depression issues.  Luckily they aren’t too severe, but still, it is difficult to deal with, let alone admit to.

This last point is obviously the biggest.  I was shocked to speak with my OBGYN about this and hear just how common it is.  He said he honestly has the conversation with more than HALF of his postpartum patients EVERY DAY!  Wow.

So, why the sudden post?  I’ve meant to post… honestly.  I couldn’t tell you just how often I catch myself writing a post in my head (while running, breastfeeding, driving, making lunch and dinners, etc).  Next week starts my fall half marathon training and I want to share my progress with all of you, as this is a running blog and especially because I am taking a new (to me) approach.  Stay tuned for more!

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10 Responses to Oh, hey there.

  1. You got a house!!!! Hooray!!! Can we meet up soon so we can chat and catch up?

  2. Congrats on the new house! Very exciting.

    I dealt with postpartum depression as well, it was really really tough. Hang in there!

  3. Jenny says:

    I have no room to talk as my only posts have been monthly updates on Davis and he’s almost 8 months and I still haven’t taken the time to do a 7 month post. Regardless, So happy to have you back! Congrats on the new house sounds like you’ve got lots of great things coming up. Would love to get together soon!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Annnnnd….I love you. You cease to amaze me with your strength and courage. Keep on keepin’ on- You are a fabulous mom, teacher, friends, and athlete (among so many other things that you are). Thanks for posting! I miss you! And best of luck with the move!

  5. Christie-

    First off- love you to pieces! I wish that we lived closer because I feel like we would be really good friends.

    I am really glad that you found a new home. That is really exciting!!!! I can’t wait to see pictures when you post them.

    I am also glad that little Emery is feeling better. He sure is freaking cute.


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