Is that spring I feel? Let’s get updated.

Oh, hi there!  Lots of things to update, but let’s start with the fact that I no longer live in the greater Charlotte, NC area.  My family and I up and moved to Michigan (where we’re from) back in the fall.  For those that haven’t seen a news channel in the past 6 months, Michigan had the worst winter… like, EVER.  Records were set for snowfall as well as frigid temps.  Good timing, huh?  It pretty much was the icing on the cake for us, wrapping up a pretty rough 2013.

Oh, but, HEY- it’s 2014!!!  It’s been an awesome year so far and spring is on the horizon. We’ve finally had a day warm enough for me to run outside… in shorts!  EEK!!!!

I’ll go ahead and bullet point some family updates to keep this return post short.

  • EMERY.  My sweet boy is 15 months today!  It’s been a long road, as he has had some developmental delays that have led to a diagnosis of mild cerebral palsy.  For those that have been readers, I had a rough pregnancy with him, but luckily we’ve had nothing but negative test results on all tests that have been run (MRI’s, blood work, genetics, you name it).  His diagnosis comes from his symptoms (delays in gross motor skills) so we’re fortunate in that he should be able to hit all milestones, just delayed.  Example: He JUST now started crawling and last month learned to pull himself up to stand.  These things typically would’ve happen a looooong time ago, but that’s okay.  I like to think it’s just God’s way of letting me enjoy having a baby a little longer (he’s probably the last).
  • RILEY!  Oh my Ri-girl.  She is as smart, adorable and sassy as ever.  She loves being up here in Michigan, so close to all of her cousins and her Gram-gram. Can you believe she is 3 1/2?!  Crazy.
  • RYAN.  A big part of our move was because Ryan left a BRUTAL job situation.  I am SO happy to say that he found a new job up here in MI fairly quickly and has gotten nothing put positive praises for his hard work and dedication.  Plus, he LOVES it!  It makes me so happy seeing him enjoying what he’s doing.
  • As for me, i’ve been devoting the majority of my time to Emery.  I’ve wanted to blog, but just haven’t had the time.  It finally came to me that there are other people out there probably going through a lot of the same things as me- a big reason why I initially started blogging- so knew I needed to return.  PLUS, it’s time to get running again.  It’s time to get back to what I love.  I have a half-marathon training program I worked up last summer that had to get pushed to the wayside because of our move, but i’m determined to tackle it.  I want to see where it takes me. A PR?  I sure hope!
  • Another ‘me’ bullet, i’ve had another focus on my plate and that has been nutrition.  I’ve learned so much as i’ve used nutrition to better my family’s health, especially Emery, and I can’t wait to share what i’ve learned with all of you.

So, there.  I got a ‘quick’ update out of the way and am feeling excited about my return and sharing more with all of you.

I’m headed to Arizona to visit a close friend and attend a whole foods nutrition conference, so i’ll be back soon with lots to share!

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One Response to Is that spring I feel? Let’s get updated.

  1. So glad to see you are back! I am so busy, that I haven’t blogged in ages either. Being a mom of 2 is a whole different ballgame isn’t it. I’m very interested to hearing about Emery. My brother-in-law has a slight form of CB as well and has a slowness in his left side, you would never know though, he’s 20 and deals with it so well. Lots of prayers for your family. Congrats on the move too!

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