All About RKR

Roller Koester Run is a blog about my life, specifically my running journey, my work in fitness, and being a Mom.  My maiden name is Koester (pronounced Coaster, like roller coaster) and I am a runner, hence the blog title.

About Me: Christie

Running is my passion, it is my joy.  I love to run and it’s not something that I have to drag myself out the door for.  I am even a member of a group dedicated to running (at least) 25 half-marathons (see more on my HALF 2 RUN page).  I am working on getting my coaching certification so that I can share my passion with others, responsibly.  I am also a certified Spinning Instructor and teach a few other group fitness classes as well.

Outside of the fitness world I do have another job.  I am an online professor, teaching classes in Sport Management and Sports & Health Sciences degree fields for a major University.

About the Hubs: Ryan

I am lucky to have married a man who is very supportive of my active lifestyle.  He, too, is an athlete and played professional baseball in the LA Dodgers organization for several years before retiring.  One of my favorite things about him is that he is an active Dad.  He doesn’t hesitate to act silly while playing with our daughter.

About Baby: Riley

Riley Kathleen was born in November 2010 and has been the most wonderful addition to our lives.  We’ve been very blessed with an angel baby.  She has eaten, slept and played very well from day 1.  She is an absolute ham and loves to make us laugh.


So those are the deats.  Follow me on Twitter and like me on facebook for more!  Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions or make comments, I love to interact with my readers!

Christie can be contacted via e-mail at CKRogo (at) gmail (dot) com

**last updated: March 20, 2012**

26 Responses to All About RKR

  1. Katie says:

    Great blog! Thanks for your comment on mine! Can’t wait to read more. :-)

  2. Christie – how did you get into online teaching? That sounds like something I’d really enjoy!

    • Hey Teri!

      I actually got very lucky! Ry had been trying to convince me to move to NC, but I wouldn’t without a job- and college athletics isn’t really a field that you can pick and choose where you want to live. Upset about me not moving, he talked to his boss for advice. His boss asked if I had my Masters, which indeed I do and in an education related field, and he got us in touch with his friend, my now boss, who happened to be looking for more instructors in the Sports Management field. My college athletics experience is exactly what they were looking for, since they were also interested in venturing into collegiate athletics as an institution.

      Sorry, just realized that I made that a longer response than it needed to be! :)
      We have a conference call on the first of the month, so I will ask if they are still looking for more instructors and if so, what particular fields. If you have your Masters Degree, a must to teach (not sure if thats just APU or across the board collegiately) and would be interested, I can let you know if they’re seeking additional instructors. Any particular field?


  3. whoa girl, can you send some of love for fitness over to me?!

    I love your enthusiasm when it comes to running =) I’m only at 2 miles, aiming for 3. But the thing is…I don’t think I really like it :/ I keep trying and trying to, but I just don’t know if it’s for me. I guess you could say I’m still trying to find my fitness niche.

    Anyway, I’m rambling =) I’m glad I came across your blog! xoxo G

    • Hey there Gracie~I love that name!

      Honestly, I used to HATE running! Stick with it, it may grow on you. If not, that is the beauty of fitness- there is something out there for everyone!

      Oh and I checked out your blog too- so jealous you’re going to fitBloggin10!!! I really wanted to go, but am moving that weekend. Can’t wait to read everyones blogs and hear how great it was!

      Thanks for the comment- i’m really glad you like the blog :)


  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog! You are too cute. Glad you are pursuing something you love. Congrats on the engagement! Nice meetin’ ya!

  5. What a great blog doll!!

    I look forward to getting to know you more through your posts :)

    I am off to read through your older posts!


  6. Can’t wait to read! Just joined the blogging world. c:

  7. lucieishealthy says:

    i just stumble upon your blog and love it already. you’re a great motivation!

  8. Hey girl I just found your blog…and I am in NC too! In the Raleigh area, but my boyfriend is moving to Charlotte, so I will be there a lot, who knows I might be moving there too. Anyways my boyfriend played baseball so I understand Ryan and yours story about how hard baseball players have it sometimes. Congrats on the engagement and baby!! Look forward in reading more!

    Love your attitude towards running, I go through moments when I love it and when I hate it. haha
    Pure2raw twins

  9. I love Top Chef too. I’m impatiently awaiting the new season to start. It would be tolerable if Netflix would at least offer earlier seasons! Sheesh!

    • Totally agree! At least get us close to a new season! You know we are getting close when they start playing marathons of past seasons- love that on a cleaning day Saturday! Thanks for the comment doll!

  10. Chase says:

    Oh my gosh you and I have so much more in common than we thought! Aside from spinning and being wannabe foodies ;) I majored in Exercise Science in college (akin to Sports Mgt), I played softball up through high school! So fun! Looking forward to reading more!

  11. Hey, just found your blog! I’m in Charlotte too. So cool that you’ve run so many 1/2s all over. I’m jealous! And congrats on your pregnancy :)

  12. Ashley says:

    Love your blog! I just started running and trying to strike a healthier lifestyle so I look forward to reading more of your blog! Love the ultrasound pic, congrats!

  13. Snoop-a-loop says:

    Hey there Koester ;-) Love the blog! I being the type to have to drag myself out the door to go for a run feel as if reading your blog full of tips and advice will possibly give me the motivation I need to get back on the concrete and hopefully stay there! Well except for those Detroit winters, I may have to hop on the treadmill! =) Can’t wait to read more about the running and the family!

  14. Snoop-a-loop says:

    Hey Koest! – So I’m calling to you for some helpful advice! lol, I have a 5k this coming Saturday that I am not quite ready for!! What do you think the best preparation for a race in a short period of time would be? Intervals of high n low speeds on the tread (its been raining quite a bit here, ugh) or would you just think a steady pace going 3.1miles is the best way to go? Also, what would the best breakfast be before a run…? Holler at your girl =)

  15. Hey girl! Thanks for the comment- I hope you’re doing well!

    My advice would be to avoid intervals altogether this week, as they could tire out your legs. At this point, with only a few days to go, I would get in a run today if you could and maybe one tomorrow, depending on how much you’ve been running lately. I would keep both runs short, with an easy pace. Doing so will keep your legs moving & help your bodies cardiovascular system to prepare for Saturdays race (i.e. prepare for that hard work you’ll be putting in as you kick that 5K’s tail).

    As for breakfast- still do what works for you. For a race as short as 3.1 miles your body doesn’t need much fuel. If I were going to race that distance I would simply wake up and drink some water (or coffee and water if you need the pick me up) beforehand, then eat breakfast right after.

    I know you had mentioned to me before that your goal is to not walk and to finish better than you did last year- with that, start off slow (especially since it’s been a while), you can always pick up the pace if you’re feeling good.

    When you know there isn’t much further left, definitely pick up the pace as best you can. Leave it all out there on the road.


    • Snoop-a-loop says:

      Heeeeeey!! Thanks for all the great advice girl! I beat my old time with a few of your tips! ..Lightly trained all week (with the exception of boot camp that tightened up my calves) but overall this run almost felt like a breeze! No pun intended considering the high winds…lol…. Had my coffee in the morning and picked up the pace on the last stretch… actually hauled ass once i saw the time, realizing I was actually going to beat my goal with a little added effort..anyhow, Thanks for your help =) the 5k was a success!

  16. sarasuzanne says:

    Hey! I’ve just discovered your blog after your comment on mine. I swear I’ve met you somewhere before!? Were you at Jen’s baby shower by any chance? You seem so familiar and I can’t place it!

    • Yes I was! I was the one whose daughter had just started walking, so I spent the whole afternoon chasing her around the house, unfortunately. I wish I had had more to free time to chat with everyone, but another time, hopefully.

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