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Resolutions past & present

I like setting resolutions.  I am the type that when I say I will do something, I almost always do it.  Perhaps this is the Monica Gellar in me, but I love completing tasks. Last year I was indifferent about … Continue reading

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Run for Green 5K

Yesterday was the big day- Riley’s first ever race with Mommy! I woke up early for my usual routine: a cup of coffee, lots of water and my usual e-mail checking.  I had considered waking Riley up early too, so that … Continue reading

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Race Prep: What to pack when running with kid(s)

Well, we’re all set here in the RKR household for tomorrows RUN FOR GREEN race.  Riley’s asleep, i’m procrastinating from going to bed (as usual), my clothes (and Riley’s) are laid out and our bag is packed. Luckily we’re just … Continue reading

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10 Running Related Personal Questions

I was just reading through my Google Reader when I came across Susans‘ post titled, “10 Running Related Personal Questions“.  I love a good list, especially when it’s running related.  I couldn’t wait to respond with my own answers, as … Continue reading

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Our Pre-Race Practice Run

As you guys know, pregnancy certainly hasn’t kept me from running.  One thing it has kept me from though,  is running in races.  This is mainly because I have never run a race just for fun, i’ve always pushed myself … Continue reading

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Oh Happy Day!

It mine as well be Christmas. Today is National Running Day, which is easy for me to remember since it is the first Wednesday in June each year.  I always, used to always, know the June dates, since my birthday is … Continue reading

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post race week

Despite having run a half marathon on Sunday, I woke up monday morning ready to workout.  I headed over to our local YMCA to take a morning Pilates class. I have taken the class once before and thought it was … Continue reading

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