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A New Mom’s Return to Fitness .I.

Okay, I get it now.  Now I understand why it can be so hard for non-runners to try to become runners, or for people to get into fitness in general… IT IS HARD!  It’s hard to do something that can … Continue reading

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Resolutions past & present

I like setting resolutions.  I am the type that when I say I will do something, I almost always do it.  Perhaps this is the Monica Gellar in me, but I love completing tasks. Last year I was indifferent about … Continue reading

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RKR: Running/Spinning Year in Review

Well, there is still no baby.  So much for that 2012 tax break ;) Anyway, what an exciting year it has been.  I ran a few half marathons, missed 1 due to the nasty Nola virus, ran my first official … Continue reading

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Recent physical activity & can you really trust the numbers?

I’ve done my best easing back into my prenatal workouts over the past few weeks.  I started walking, added in a little light running, and even tried to incorporate some prenatal yoga (via YogaDownload) over the weekend.  The yoga got … Continue reading

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Saturday Spinning

This weekend started in the best way possible- with lots of sleep!  I assume that my little boy has done some extra growing this week as i’ve been incredibly tired, despite getting my fair share of sleep (like 8 hours … Continue reading

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Our Pre-Race Practice Run

As you guys know, pregnancy certainly hasn’t kept me from running.  One thing it has kept me from though,  is running in races.  This is mainly because I have never run a race just for fun, i’ve always pushed myself … Continue reading

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This Week in Workouts

It’s been a full week since i’ve been able to workout again and i’ve had some good ones.  Here is a rundown of my workouts from the past week: TUESDAY: After 9 days off, I got to run 4 joyous … Continue reading

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Pregnancy, Baby & a Workout Update

I’ve slacked on my posting lately, but I swear i’ve had good intentions.  I’ve had some great topic ideas for posts, but failed to follow through in writing them up before forgetting about the idea and its purpose all together. … Continue reading

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Getting through tough times & workouts

I haven’t been posting regularly and it is for a number of reasons.  Some personal, some not.  I’ve had a few things going on in my life that I simply don’t want out there for all to read about.  Actually, … Continue reading

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Baby #2 Update

I still can’t believe we’re pregnant again.  I can, but I just don’t feel like one would expect to feel when pregnant. I was the same with Riley, with my only symptom being exhaustion.  It has been better this time … Continue reading

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