I am an avid member of a group called HALF 2 RUN.  Our mission?  To run half the marathon in half the states!!!  I am still at the beginning of my journey, but have plenty of time as a lifetime member.  Plus, life’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, well… half of one! :)  Come join us, won’t you?

Below are a few of my half-marathon race stories (including a full marathon, too).

~ Capital City River Run (East Lansing, MI) 9/30/2007

~ Detroit Freepress/ Flagstar Marathon (Detroit, MI) 10/21/2007

~ The Rogowski’s First Turkey Trot (Lake Norman, NC) 11/26/2009

~ Charity Chase Half Marathon (Hickory, NC) 6/4/2011

~ Run for Green Half Marathon (Davidson, NC) 9/17/2011

~ Famously Hot Half Marathon (Columbia, SC) 3/10/2012

~ Publix Georgia Half Marathon (Atlanta, GA) 3/18/2012

~NC Half Marathon at Charlotte Motor Speedway (Charlotte, NC) 3/25/2012

For those of you that think you could never be a runner, I used to be the same way.  Here is my story on how I got started.

10 Responses to HALF 2 RUN

  1. Tracey Cohen says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much Christie!

  2. Jen K says:

    I love this idea! Another friend of mine recently made the decision to run 25 marathons in 25 different states. Maybe this idea is something I should consider :) Keep up the good work!

    • You should! The nice part is that it is a lifetime membership, so you don’t have to rush into doing all 25 in a certain period of time. There are many members that even shoot higher and are working on all 50! Maybe someday we can run one together- maybe when I run NOLA ;)!

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  6. Masher52 says:

    I’m so glad Jen made me stumble across your blog. Have you considered any in Ohio? You both should run one up here!

    • Absolutely! The thought of Toledo in April had crossed my mind. I am originally from the greater Detroit area, so could stay at home and drive down for the race, save the cost of a hotel. I definitely want to do Ohio soon, especially since they boast so many flat courses! I noticed you’re running Columbus, have you run it before?

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