Detroit Freepress/Flagstar Marathon~ 10/21/2007

The Detroit Marathon was my first, and let me just say- UGH!!!  I barely slept the night before and then made the rookie mistake of starting out too fast.  I felt great up until about miles 15-17, where I started having severe tummy problems.  I felt like I…um… had to ‘GO’ if ya know what I mean!  I tried to use the porta pottys (4 different times), but I am the type that normally can only go at home and NEVER mid-run…ugh.  I know thats kinda gross/T.M.I but hey, it’s the honest truth.  I thought, especially with my training and half-marathon time, that I would be able to qualify for Boston, but once the tummy issues kicked in there was no way.

I ended up having to walk a bit, which really upset me, but hey… I did finish!  4 1/2 hours.  My sister took this pic right after- I am obviously exhausted!  My back- kidneys were so swollen, so obviously something wasn’t right.  I couldn’t even sit normally in the car on the ride home because of the swelling  I sat sideways holding the ice packs from my nieces lunch cooler on my back.  The most obvious sign I was in pain?  I passed up the free massage tent for finishers!  ME!!!  If you know me you know that I love nothing more than a good massage.

One funny part of the day was that, as I crossed the finish line, I saw a family member and said, “Never the F again!!!” and quite loud may I add, oops!  HAHA!!  I don’t think I’ll do another full marathon for a while, but I will definitely do a lot of halfs!

13.1 is for me.


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