The Rogowski 1st Annual Turkey Trot~ 11/26/2009

I nearly forgot to mention one more race- The Rogowski’s first Turkey Trot!  Ryan had never run more than 5 miles before, but agreed to do a Thanksgiving Day 10K with me.  Well I went to sign us up for one a few days before but Ryan had a better idea.  He said, “lets just do it on our own.  We will save $ and get to sleep in!”  I love my sleep, so was totally fine with this.  So, we slept in until 10:30am and then got ready to hit the road.

Being the dork that I am, I even made us our own bibs :)  I am such a nerd! This was us just before…

We used my Nike+ i-pod to track the 10K~ I was much more excited about this than he was! ;)

We finished (54 minutes)… and then ate LOTS of turkey, cheesy potatoes and everything else imaginable! :)

It was fun to run together, since I normally run alone. Couples that run together… :)


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