diverting from the shoe norm.

I love this time of year.  Serious runners are mapping out their race calendars for the year, some are already training and some are posting about motivation, experiences and how to prepare for said races.  I LOVE IT!

While I consider myself a runner, I have a lot of work to do before I am back into racing shape.  My first step before jumping into that first workout was to replace my shoes.

I am a creature of habit, as most runners tend to be, so didn’t think twice about ordering my beloved Asics Gel Nimbus shoes.  I went with the 13′s (the latest version, 14, is awesomely colorful but pricey), as these are what i’ve been in most recently, loved and could get at a great price.


(from left to right) My Asics Gel Nimbus 12′s, old 13′s and new 13′s

While some shoe replacement recommendations are based on date (replace every 3 months) or mileage (300-600 miles), I typically go off of 2 factors: how I feel and the tread wear.  Figuring that I wore the same 2 pairs of shoes through my entire pregnancy (CRINGE),  you can bet they were worn into the ground.  I have a bad habit of doing this when not actively training for a race.  Consider this my inner-Monica Gellar coming out, trying to save money by not buying so many new pairs of shoes per year.  Dumb, I know.

I’ve worn my new Asics for 2 weeks now and, while they’ve been my favorites for years, there might be a problem.  My first runs in new shoes usually feel fantastic on my legs/feet, as though i’m running on clouds, but they haven’t felt this way thus far.  I’ve had some pain in my big toe (right foot), ball of my foot (right foot), and numbness (in both).

There are a number of possible reasons for this, like the fact that my body is still adjusting from pregnancy, so perhaps I am running differently.  Another possibility is that my feet just aren’t used to everything I am doing, let alone the foreignness (sure, it’s a word) of new shoes.  It could also be a foot issue.  I had surgery on my left foot back in 2003 & 2005 (2nd surgery was to fix an error from the 1st) to correct a hereditary problem and after a bad experienced, decided not to do my right.  I’ve had minor pain in my right in the past, but it’s usually only been when my running mileage is up during training.

One other major possibility… my beloved Asics might no longer be the best fit for me. GASP!  I’d hate for this to be the case, because, well, I love them, but maybe it’s time to divert from my norm and try something new.

What to do?

There are a lot of recommendations out there for finding the right shoe for you, such as trying out different styles and seeing what feels best (this can get expensive and you could end up in a shoe that could eventually cause an injury), the wet test, or my favorite- head to your local running specialty store to get fitted!  This is my go to because the professional you work with will usually watch you run, both in your shoes and let you try potential new ones.  So, this is where I plan to start.  Perhaps I am no longer a neutral-type runner that just needs lots of cushion… we shall see.

to be continued….

  1. What is your go to running shoe?
  2. What foot type do you have (neutral, pronator, over-pronator, under-pronator)?
  3. How do you pick out new shoes?
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A New Mom’s Return to Fitness .I.

Okay, I get it now.  Now I understand why it can be so hard for non-runners to try to become runners, or for people to get into fitness in general…


It’s hard to do something that can be painful day after day, only to be assured by the “regulars” that the pain will eventually subside and most days your workouts are what will make you feel “normal”, or better.

I don’t recall my workouts being so hard after having Riley (and I took 8 weeks off) but this time around (it was only 4 weeks until I was given the okay to resume workouts) it has been VERY humbling.  Okay, maybe humbling isn’t the word.  Let’s go with brutal.  What other words can I write that explain that every workouts i’ve done (abs, pilates, weight training, running) have all left my body very sore and crying for me to never do it again. I am sure the lack of sleep doesn’t help.

Don’t worry, I will keep at it, because that is just me.  I know what is to come.  I know, eventually, i’ll get back to a place where “easy” workouts (for me) truly are not that hard and don’t leave me wincing in pain.  I know i’ll get back to a running pace under 8 minutes that I consider comfortable.  So, to all you newbies out there, perhaps barely hanging on to your fitness new year’s resolution, stick with it…


It’s not easy, but like the old saying goes…

600332_403281456374234_1624395118_n230541_562662893762687_952877553_n imagesCADV0ADVTIME TO HEAD TO THE GYM…

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EMERY DAVIS: 1 month old

My sweet boy hit the one month mark on February 8th, so will already be 6 weeks old this Tuesday.  It has gone SO FAST.  I swear every new parent says that, but it’s so true.

EMERY eyesclosed_2

While I probably would’ve been late posting this, I was purposely waiting for Friday, since we had Emery’s one month check-up and I wanted to share his stats.

At birth he weighed 6lbs, 10oz.  Now he’s 9lbs 5oz, which puts him in the 50th percentile.

At birth he was 18 inches, now he is 20 1/2. This puts my shorty in the 25th percentile.

Clearly he is eating well, which is typically every 3 hours.  While he is eating, he has had some trouble.  Much like his sister, he is quite the gassy baby.  We’ve remedied this with lots of gas drops and “gassing him”.  By “gassing him” I mean using the “knee move”.  Still not with me?  A little trick to help infants get rid of gas is to push their knees into their upper tummy area which, as the name gives away, makes them pass the gas.  Also, what I thought might have been a food allergy or sensitivity, our pediatrician thinks is some acid reflux.  Emery eats well, but will sometimes pull off to cry out, show signs of pain and occasionally spit up.  She gave us a prescription to try out that will hopefully help.  Now if I can just get him to keep the meds down (It can’t possibly taste good, it smells nasty).

Speaking of prescriptions, Emery also had to be prescribed an antibiotic.  Somehow we already have our first ear infection.  Ugh.  Poor guy.  This explains his fussiness lately, which explains many other things (his parents lack of sleep, my lack of posts and my desire for a caffeine iv).

OUR FAV_2Let’s talk about other baby stuff.  This pic above, it’s my favorite.  Notice all that hair?  Well, it is long gone!  As babies tend to do, he has lost a lot of it.  Oddly though, the first hair to go has been that on top of his head.  Let’s hope that’s not a sign of what may come as early as his 20′s… Daddy is already worried- HA!


Other small milestones include that of a typical one month old: lifting his head during tummy time, tracking things (such as our hands and voices), vocalizing some oohs and ahhs, as well as letting us know his dislikes.  Okay, so he can’t tell us his dislikes, but he clearly HATES diaper changes!

All-in-all the first month has gone pretty well.  I’m really hoping these prescriptions kick in soon and bring our little man some relief, which would certainly bring Mommy and Daddy some, too.  Not being able to soothe a crying newborn is heartbreaking.

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Munchkin Meals Link Up: 2 years (26 months) & 1 month

I’ve meant to take part in my friend Brittany’s Munchkin Meals Link Up for months, but have been majorly slacking. I guess I should give myself a break, I did just have a baby after all. Speaking of, Emery will be 1 month on Friday and is solely drinking breast milk. So that was Munchkin Meals… easy enough! I kid ;)

munchkin-meals-logo_thumbRiley is now 2 years old, 26 months to be exact. I can’t believe she is no longer a baby.  She mine as well be 16 and getting her license. I’m not being dramatic at all, nope.

She certainly has acted like a teenager lately, including getting awfully demanding of her parents. I can usually waive it off, but Daddy is certainly the pushover for his sweet little girl. With that, I try to make sure she is getting some healthy foods to balance out the M&M’s.

The highlight of yesterday’s breakfast was Mommy’s famous egg sandwich.  Okay, so it’s not famous, but my husband seems to think it’s the greatest thing ever, so of course, Riley does too. It’s just eggs, a splash of milk, oregano, a dash of salt (only in Daddy’s, not Riley’s) and pepper with a little cheese melted on top sandwiched between 2 slices of whole wheat toast. The part Riley really gets a kick out of is the shape.


“It’s a circle sandwich” (as she calls it)!  I have a Pampered Chef device that not only cuts things into cute little circles, but it seals as well.  This makes for slightly less messy sandwiches (I almost always use it for PB & J’s). The cute added step is so worth it to me if it makes her smile. =)

In addition to the sandwich, she also had a clementine and blueberries.  To drink she had water, milk and watered down orange juice… yes, she requested all three.

IMG_0064And I wonder why she acts spoiled sometimes. She always drinks her milk first thing in the morning and rarely has juice- this was a special treat I gave her since Daddy was having some, too. Such a Daddy’s girl.

Late-morning we shared an un-pictured blueberry muffin (leftover from a recent Panera visit).  Riley LOVES muffins, but who doesn’t?! I prefer the Apple Crunch myself.

While I may emblazon Ryan with the pushover logo, I may have been one myself today.


Hey, at least it’s an organic sucker, right?

The last item I have to share was a serving of peanut butter banana sushi.

IMG_0082This is really simple, and a fun, easy to make (and eat) snack for Riley.  I just spread some peanut butter over a whole wheat tortilla, add a drizzle of honey, then (in this case) half a banana, then roll it up and cut into small sushi-like pieces.  Grab and go style foods are best at this age, as it can be difficult to get her to sit through an entire meal.  She also had another cup of milk and another handful of blueberries.

Another reason grab and go style meals work best right now, that whole, ‘I just had a baby’ thing.  Being a stay at home Mom of a newborn (1 month tomorrow!) and a 2 year old is something I am still getting adjusted to, so easy meals have been our go to.

The plan for dinner is a simple veggie stir fry, which Riley will probably just pick the carrots out of. I could wait and try to share a pic, but Ryan had to go out of town overnight and I am sure it won’t be easy to make dinner and juggle the 2 kiddos (Emery’s longest awake stretch of the day is always in the evening).

So that was the majority of our day. I look forward to reading others linked up posts and finding more quick ideas to fuel my hyper, ever-growing teenager toddler.


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Guess what I did today

Need a few hints?

1. My last tweet:

Screen shot 2013-02-02 at 12.42.52 PM

2. I got all bundled up:


3. Notice what’s on my wrist?


Yea, that’s my Garmin!

4. I had to leave this sweet girl, but not for long.


Is it just me or does she look like an 80′s rocker with that bed head?!

So, if you hadn’t figured it out, I ventured out for my first post-baby run!

I thought I had to wait 8 weeks, as I did after having Riley, but at my recent OBGYN visit my Dr gave me the okay to start easing back into everything, including working out!  It has only be 3+ weeks since Emery was born, so you can imagine my shock and excitement to be given the go ahead.

How did it go, not so exciting.  I planned to do the same 5K route near my home that I did for my first run post-Riley, but that didn’t happen.  It was so windy and cold (34 degrees- I am a baby!) that my lungs and chest were on fire.  I got in 2 miles and thought I was going to die.  Seriously though.  I came home and laid on my living room floor for 10 minutes as though I had never run before in my life.  Shortly after, I got the worst headache of my life.  So dramatic, I am.

Despite today’s brutal run, it won’t delay my return.  I plan to give it another go tomorrow, but will be a little smarter and take it to the treadmill, INDOORS in the WARMTH of my local gym!  Hopefully I don’t die again, seriously.  No funeral arrangements have been made, say prayers for me ;)

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A Messy Friday

All is well here in the RKR household and, despite a little less sleep, we’re still loving life.


It’s hard not to when you have a 2 year old that keeps you laughing day after day.  Let’s take Friday for example.  I got out a banana and some Dark Chocolate Dreams (DCD) for Riley and I to share as a little afternoon snack.


Before I opened each, the dryer buzzed, letting me know the laundry was done.  My inner-Monica Gellar requires that I put laundry away immediately, so figured i’d take it upstairs before snack time.

Riley followed me upstairs with a sock I had dropped, then played in her room while I sorted laundry… or so I thought.

Once done with laundry I called for Riley to come downstairs with me, only to hear nothing.  I called for her again, then looked in her room- nothing.  I realized she must have gone downstairs, so went down to find her.  This is what I found…


I wish I had video to show how high she jumped when she heard me coming down the stairs.  She literally had her hands fully in the BRAND NEW jar of DCD!


I couldn’t help but laugh and grab my camera. That and quickly run away when she wanted ‘up on Mommy’.


I should really be writing all of these things down, but why do that when I can just blog about it! Enjoy the weekend!

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A trying day, but we’re still smiling!

What a day we just had.  I had a Groupon to use at a local picture place that expires next weekend, so decided to get it out of the way today.  Ryan wasn’t really up for it, but I said I thought it would be quick and easy… that it was not.  The following things happened:

  1. Emery had the runs, so lots of diaper changes & Desitin.
  2. Emery decided to root (the way a baby moves it’s head to show signs of hunger) once we started the shoot, so I had to try feeding him between each setup change.
  3. The frequent feedings “opened the flood gates” so to speak and once we were done with the shoot I realized I had been leaking all over myself, A LOT.  Awesome.
  4. Riley threw a CRAZY temper tantrum.  Like the worst EVER.  Ryan tried to distract her with a walk which resulted in her running from him while yelling, “Don’t you touch me!” over and over.  Poor guy was getting looks from strangers like he was kidnapping her.  I guess he just kept saying, “Yes, i’m her Dad!”
  5. The photographer kept wanting to shoot Emery sans diaper. SEE #1. I’m doing laundry now.
  6. She also wanted to shoot both kids topless, which we figured we would try just to see how it turned out.
  7. While the pics were being prepared the manager pulled us aside to apologize and discuss how that was illegal and the photographer should know better.  Awkward, but the pic did turn out cute, as weird as that sounds.
  8. While reviewing the final pictures I had to hold Riley with a death grip on my lap while she screamed bloody murder (the tantrum was still going).  Lots of apologies were expressed.
  9. We only liked 2, maybe 3, of the pictures. Ugh.
  10. Finally, the whole purpose of the photo shoot was to get a great shot to use as a baby announcement to send to family back in Michigan.  I think I could’ve gotten this shot myself, for free. Here is what we’re sending… what do you think?


I guess it wasn’t that bad (obviously it could’ve been much worse, like actually serious stuff), but it was just one of those days where every little thing was not working out.  We also hit traffic and were almost late (I hate that), Emery’s umbilical cord is worrying me (when he cries hard it looks like it might be starting to bleed- yikes), we picked up dinner on the way home and my gift card to the place wouldn’t work… you get the idea.

The best part of it all, Ryan & I kept a sense of humor and are still smiling and laughing, despite all the minor annoyances.  Normally we’d both be stressed and showing it by now.  Cheers to staying positive after a stressful day!  I hope anyone reading this (uh hum, ME!) can remember this reaction the next time they’re having a tough day.  When it comes down to it, life is too short to not enjoy every moment.  Keep laughing, smiling and pressing forward.

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