Q&A: Something you don’t know about me…

QUESTION: What is something that us bloggers don’t know about you, that everyone who does know you knows?  Sorry if that reads funny!  Thanks, Jen.

ANSWER: One thing that everyone knows about me, that the blog world might not, is that I have twin-adopted step-sisters (Katie & Lisa) that are the same age as me.  My Dad married their Mom when we were 12 and let me just say that we OFTEN played ‘triplets’ and people usually bought it!

We weren’t super close growing up, but are definitely close now.  I have actually asked both of them to be bridesmaids in our wedding…whenever it is going to be!  I even lived with Lisa when I first moved to Chicago back in the day while I hunted for the perfect apartment.  We were the perfect housemates- both super clean and Monica Gellar-esque!

So there’s something that I don’t think I’ve shared before.  I also have an older sister (Daune, 35) & brother (Joseph, 34 in July).  I am obviously the baby in the fam, coming in at 29. Birthday is in June, but lets not talk about that ;)

Damon (Daunes husband), Daune, Katie, Joseph, Lisa, Myself & Ryan

One Response to Q&A: Something you don’t know about me…

  1. Marcee/CHICAGO says:

    Hi Monica …. HNY!! Recently “found” your blog. It’s fun! Just love food/health blogs! Wow …. the picture (above) is lovely ….. wonderful. Sure wish I had siblings growing up. Sigh.

    Being an only child makes it difficult to share …… everything. That’s a learned experience. No one to gossip or giggle with either. It can be rough …. lonely. There’s never anyone to fight with! Most all my girlfriends had siblings they wanted to get rid of during those grade/high school days ~ ~ LOL! Now they adore each other. Spend holidays, all sorts of milestones sharing their lives.

    Best to you and the hubby with bebe Riley!

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